Holistic Goodies

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Despite technological advancements popping up left and right (which is awesome!), more and more people are looking for more natural alternatives to their diets, medical regimens, and lifestyles in search of ultimate health and wellness.

As time goes on my list of services here will expand! Currently I sell Doterra brand essential oils. Doterra sells high quality Certified Therapeutic Grade oils. I use essential oils in various ways to boost my health and wellness. My most favorite uses for essential oils are in a diffuser as Aromatherapy, and topically for various uses.

Contact me to ask questions on how essential oils can help you! You can also visit http://www.Doterra.com to shop around for your essential oil needs. On check out, enter in my name as the consultant, Amanda Saint-Louis, to complete your purchase. I’ll also be happy to help you join the Doterra team if you are interested in reaping the benefits of having your own small business, or even just to enjoy the Doterra discount on all products for yourself!

I can also assist you with finding high quality, natural whole food supplements and vitamins or cleanses made by Standard Process. Inquire below for more information, or check out their website at http://www.StandardProcess.com.

Lastly, I create and sell customized, Reiki Charged crystal bracelets, made with authentic crystal/stone beads for various reasons from protection from negative energies, battling addictions, attracting love, to reducing effects of EMFs, and more. $25 per bracelet. Contact me for more information! Pictures coming soon.

Stay tuned for articles and links on Holistic Living tips and methods that enhance your well being in a more natural way!