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“Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself.”   -Plato


Energy. Everything that exists in the universe is made out of energy which can be measured as a rate of vibration. Numerology is a science, rooted in ancient Eastern cultures like Egypt, Rome, Greece and China.

Pythagoras, known as the father of mathematics, was one of the first Numerologists, who theorized that numbers and letters also have their own unique vibrations and characteristics. The numbers and letters of our names and birthdays hold special meanings that tell us many things about ourselves in this lifetime.

Once you decode the meanings, Numerology serves as an accurate blueprint guide to who you are and why you are here in this lifetime. It talks about your individual characteristics, gifts, and talents, in addition to explaining opportunities and challenges that you could potentially encounter along the way.

I love that Numerology has the ability to describe the most profound parts of your existence, and support self improvement, but I also love that you can use it as a tool to gain insight into the smaller matters in life. For example, use Numerology to answer questions about your relationships with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Pinpoint days, months or years where your energy supports accomplishing your goals. Use Numerology to guide you to a fulfilling career or hobby. Starting a business and want the name to exude the energy of your mission? You can find out about that too! Truly, the amount of information you can find with numerology is tremendous.

I’m able to connect with the energy of your number patterns intuitively and accurately, resulting in a reading that should resonate deeply within you, revealing the answers to the questions you have been asking yourself! My clients report that the insight they receive from these readings are incredibly accurate and helpful to them in their daily lives. Book a reading to see for yourself! Telephone readings are available for anyone, and local in-person readings available at Angel Heart 4 You in downtown Benicia, CA! Contact the store for in-person bookings (707) 745-2024.

For telephone readings, please send a message in the Book Appointment/Contact page to see all services and fees. Leave a message with the reading you would like to book, or email with the reading you would like to get, and you will be contacted within 48 hours for scheduling.