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Numerology Readings

  • Full Numerology Chart Reading $100 for 60-90 minutes
    • This reading discusses all aspects of your numerology chart. A very detailed analysis of your core numbers describes your personal energy and characteristics and special traits and talents that you have in this Lifetime, and tips on how to best remain in balance with this energy as well as opportunities and challenges you may encounter. Find out about the type of energy influencing your life now, and then project forward into what to expect the future. If you are having specific problems in your life that you would like to ask about, I am happy to tailor your reading to those needs.
  • Compatibility Reading $85 for 45 minutes
    • Determine the degree of compatibility between you and your lover, friends or family members. The best part about these readings is that if you are already in a relationship with someone you are not naturally compatible with, it doesn’t mean you are doomed! You may use this information to gain insight on ways for each of you to better understand your differences, and consider ways to find healing compromise within your relationship.
  • 15/30 minute Readings for $30/$50
    • These shorter readings are great if you are already familiar with your numerology chart and have some pointed questions you desire to be examined. These can also serve as quicker consultation readings if you want advice on the energy of a business name, street address, married and baby names.

Energy Healings

  • Aromatherapy Healing Touch and/or Reiki Session $50/30 minutes or $100/60 minutes
    • Close your eyes and relax while you receive the benefits of Life Force Energy to clear blockages, manage pain, and heal old emotions and beliefs that no longer serve you. This is a great compliment to any existing medical or therapeutic regimen you are currently on. Hands off and light hands on approach used with these techniques. Aromatherapy with Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils made by Doterra used as an additional layer of healing and relaxation. Healing crystal stones may be used during the session if client desires. This service can be provided both in-person, and long distance depending on your preference and location.



Amanda Saint-Louis


Phone: 707-628-2023

Located in the Northern California Bay Area

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