View More: http://marinkristine.pass.us/amanda-saint-louis-2The vision and purpose of my business blossomed from the discovery that I had a very deep and urgent need to find and maintain balance in many areas of my life like my career, my health, my relationships and my spirituality. Every time I tried to focus on one element, one of the others would become unbalanced and make the others suffer. It took about 10 years for me to become truly tired of chasing myself around on the proverbial “hamster wheel” before I realized I needed another way.

When I chose to search for answers, the Universe revealed many hidden facets and passions that I never knew I had. The short story is that over a span of 3 years, my journey had so beautifully guided me with synchronicity to my personal discovery of Numerology, Energy Medicine, and more naturalistic principles of living. I set off like a lightening bolt to learn as much as I could about these fascinating modalities. As I went along, I also discovered I had an inherent ability to be very proficient with all these modalities to not only heal my own life, but to help my family and friends do the same with theirs.

Part of my journey has included being a Registered Nurse for the last 10 years. I love helping patients heal and recover from critical injuries and illnesses. Western medicine has so many cutting edge, technologically advanced therapies and pharmaceuticals in its arsenal to help treat injuries and disease. One could imagine, especially as a specialty trained medical professional, the surprise and wonder I felt to discover non-invasive, ancient healing practices like Reiki and Healing Touch, which are very effective in helping the body to heal naturally! Combined with a more holistic approach towards my day to day health practices, the positive outcomes have been astounding to reflect on!

I also stumbled upon the science of Numerology at a time where I was looking for more purpose in my life. I arrived at a place in my life where I was coasting, but it didn’t feel satisfying. It felt more like a rut, which seemed insane, because on the surface it looked like I had it all! Great job- check! Comfy house- check! Family and friends- check! But beneath the surface for me, I was restless. Understanding the energy of my personal numerology helped to direct me to parts of me that weren’t activated yet…talk about catalyst for change! This knowledge was empowering for me, giving me a sense of renewal and reconnection to a path that I was more suited to on a very deep level. This resulted in feeling so much more happy, fulfilled, and at peace with who I am, and who I’m meant to be.

In addition to my nursing license, my qualifications include:

Healing Touch Practice certification levels 1-3

Third Degree Usui Reiki Master

Completion of Advanced Numerology courses taught by long time professionals

All of this has become my true passion, a re-purposed mission to help people. I know I’m not the only person who has gone through times of difficulty and questioning, and been in need of support and direction in life. Because of the profound impact this has had on my own life, I’m now strongly compelled to share what I know with anyone who is interested in the exploration of their own purpose, and those looking for deep, energetic healing.

Thank you for stopping by! Please stay and browse the offerings of my website to learn more about these transformative tools for the mind, body and soul. I am honored to have the opportunity counsel and guide each that I encounter!